Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Acts 2: 25-27 With Footnotes

David said about Jesus,
     "I saw the Lord before me at all times;
       he is by my right side, so that I will
       not be troubled.
     Because of this my heart is glad
       and my words are full of joy;
     and I, mortal though I am,
       will rest assured in hope,
     because you will not abandon my soul in
       the world of the dead"

Mile after mile
I am walking and holding to the One who
Cares, really cares
And who calls me His own
Life is a highway
We don't have to walk alone
Just give Him a try, maybe
You'll sing like me

With Jesus I'm stayin'
With Jesus I'm goin'
In Jesus I'm livin'
Each and every day of my life
With Jesus I'm stayin'
With Jesus I'm goin'
And Jesus is teachin' me love each day

Trial after trial
He is drawing me closer to the One who
Loves, really loves
More than my mind can know
Love one another
Is what He has clearly shown
Just call someone brother
And then you will see

"With Jesus"
©1974 Latter Rain Music and Word Music, Inc.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Truth is...Jesus wasn't just puttin' on the Ritz when He said he would be with us always...even to the end of the age (Matthew 28:20). And if that doesn't have an effect on how I'm staying and going and living each and every day of my life, that's on me...not Him.

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