Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Back to Mayberry...Please

With the - literally - explosive week that has just gone by in West, Texas and Boston, Massachusetts, any number of people are reacting in any number of ways...some constructive and helpful, others maybe not.

While the following video, shared on Facebook by who-knows-at-this-point, certainly falls in the "maybe not" category...it offers no solutions, and is just a longing for things to be different than the way they are...it still strikes a chord within me.

With apologies to, and sympathy for, those unfamiliar with The Andy Griffith Show, here are the Bellamy Brothers:

Truth is...even when the show first aired (1960-1968), it was an expression of longing for a type of society that was rapidly dying. Little wonder the show and the song cause a case of nostalgia. Still...we all could use a lot more Mayberry and a lot less Jersey Shore.

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