Tuesday, January 10, 2017

You Are So Awesome! ("How Great Thou Art" Prosified)

O Lord my God! I am overcome with wonder and awe when I see the billions of stars and think about all the worlds you have made. I hear the rolling thunder, which is just a tiny part of the power you display throughout the universe, and my soul bursts into a song of praise to you, my Savior God: You are so awesome! You are so awesome!

I sing this song when I'm walking through the woods, listening to the birds sweetly singing in the trees, and when I hike in the hills, looking down from a grand peak, hearing the babbling of a nearby brook, and feeling a gentle breeze.

And then, when I think that you didn't hold back your son, but actually sent him to die...it's almost more than I can fathom. Jesus gladly carried my burden to the cross where he bled and died to wipe out my sin forever. When I think of that, my soul bursts into song: You are so awesome! You are so awesome!

My heart will be filled with utter joy when Christ returns to take me home, a shout of approval on his lips. When I see him face to face, I will bow, praising him as humbly as I know how with these words: You are so awesome!

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Truth is...How Great Thou Art is a hymn, based on a traditional Swedish tune and a poem by Carl Boberg, with English lyrics by Stuart Hine. But no matter the language, nor whether it's poetry or prose, words cannot come close to expressing the majestic power, creativity, and grace of our Creator.

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