Tuesday, February 2, 2016

If You're at the End of Your Rope

Ever wonder "When is this all going to end?!?"

Replace "this all" with whatever your current turmoil is. For those who miss sunshine and warmth, it might be as simple as "winter". For others, it might be "my pain" or "loneliness" or "grief".

Whatever it is, hear me clearly...there is hope.

If you're feeling like one of the walking wounded, listen to Randy Stonehill's song, Hymn.

In this land of the walking wounded

In this desert of countless sorrows
I will cling to his hand today and fear not for tomorrow

In my heart I have made this promise

With this song I declare my choice
I will walk where the shepherd leads and heed no other voice

In the chill of my darkest hour

I am saved from my deep despair
For the father who loves his children hears my trusting prayer

In my soul there is one light shining

From the flame of my true belief
And its embers cannot be quenched or robbed by any thief

In the end we are not forgotten

And our journey is not in vain
For the master who brought us here
Will lead us home - lead us home again
©1985 Stonehillian Music

Truth is...setting the video on the last night of World War I, with the soldier not KNOWING it was the final night of fighting, increases the impact of this thought: Don't give up. You never know how close your rescuer/redeemer is.

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  1. Beautiful. Stonehill has always been a longtime favorite.