Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Day By Day

I am currently in Month Six of a 9-month contract, working as a Technical Writer for a large, multi-national corporation. The project I'm working on involves the company analyzing its sales data, coming up with a set of business solutions that works for at least 80% of its customers, and packaging those solutions so they get installed and configured the same way, with the same quality, each and every time.

It's all meant to increase consistency, assure quality, and drive down costs.

In the course of writing up release announcements and internal promotional pieces for the whole shebang, I've been looking at quotes about standardization, excellence, and consistency. In that context, I became enamored with something attributed to Aristotle.

Add to that a major point in the teaching series I recently began going through with the Senior Highers at my church about how the whole world can be made a better place by each of us making the part of the world we touch a little better, one day at a time.

Which brought to mind a quote from Rich Mullins:

I would like to encourage you to...start realizing that your ministry is how much of a tip you leave when you eat in a restaurant; when you leave a hotel room whether you leave it all messed up or not; whether you flush your own toilet or not. Your ministry is the way that you love people. And you love people when you write something that is encouraging to them, something challenging. You love people when you call your wife and say, "I'm going to be late for dinner," instead of letting her burn the meal. You love people when maybe you cook a meal for your wife sometime, because you know she's really tired. Loving people - being respectful toward them - is much more important than writing or doing music.

And then the cherry on top is when my friend Shonda Judy posted this on her Facebook page:

Truth is...It seems God is using the very method He's talking about to try to get a message through to me.

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