Thursday, July 14, 2022

Little Country Church


Sad to say, it has probably been true throughout most of the history of the church that some church people have had an attitude that directly opposed the heart of God. Namely, there have been those who have said, either inwardly or right out loud, "We don't want that kind of people here."

The good news is that Calvary Chapel in Costa Mesa, California did not have that attitude back in 1970 when four "long-haired freaky people" walked into the church building and asked if they could play some songs the Lord had been giving them as part of their brand new commitment to Jesus.

The foursome called themselves "Love Song" and they were not the only hippies coming to Christ. History was made as the church welcomed them all with open arms and loving hearts.

It was so noteworthy, Love Song put together several notes and words to come up with the song, "Little Country Church."

Little country church on the edge of town
People comin' every day from miles around
For meetings and for Sunday school
And it's very plain to see it's not the way it used to be

Preacher isn't talkin' 'bout religion no more
He just wants to praise the Lord
People aren't as stuffy as they were before
They just want to praise the Lord
And it's very plain to see it's not the way it used to be

They're talkin' 'bout revival and the need for love
That little church has come alive
Workin' with each other for the common good
Puttin' all the past aside
Long hair, short hair, some coats and ties
People finally comin' around
Lookin' past the hair and straight into the eyes
People finally comin' around
And it's very plain to see it's not the way it used to be
(Chuck Girard - Fred Field)

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Truth is...The church still needs to love God and love people...all people. We can still make history!

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  1. This song pops in my head at all random times! Super catchy and always a great reminder of howe we can be the Church!