Thursday, June 23, 2022

Love Song


Love Song is not only the name of one of the very first Christian rock bands, but it is also the title of their first album AND the first song on that album. With this month being the 50th anniversary of its release, it is high time this album gets the Truth Is track-by-track treatment.

Love Song Album Cover

The group broke the trail for all the Jesus musicians and Contemporary Christian Music artists that would follow. The song set the standard for artistry and evangelism that the group always kept at the center of their focus.

Lend an ear to a love song
Oooh a love song
Let it take you, let it start

What can you hear in a love song?
If you can feel it
Then you’re feelin’ from the heart

All the emotions, true feelings of life
is what music of love is about
If you are listening with peace in your heart
and no doubt

So listen now to a love song
If you can hear it
We will never be apart
(Chuck Girard - Jesse Johnston)

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

Truth is...Take this song on its own, and you could be excused for thinking this is just another romantic attempt at getting a song on Top 40 radio. (In fact, my Beloved and I sang it to each other as part of our wedding vows!) But in the context of the whole album and the band's whole career, it's easy to see that Jesus is the love song they want everyone to hear.

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