Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Your Church Is a Mission Outpost

Have you ever thought about the possibility of your church shutting its doors for good?

Sounds weird to most of us, I suspect.

Most of us see a building and a parking lot and a staff of professional speaker/teachers and think of our church as a well-established institution.

We understand when a radio station or podcast ministry says they depend on the financial support of their listeners. We get it when a missionary in Africa or Central America expresses a need for funds to be able to reach the unreached. But somehow, we expect our church to, like Old Man River, just keep rollin' along, no matter what.

Truth is...your church is just as much a mission outpost as a no-walled, thatched-roof shelter in the jungles of Nicaragua. It is a tiny portion of the Body of Christ embedded in a culture that is foreign to the ways of Christ. And it depends on the grace of God, expressed through the financial support of her members (that would be you), to continue to exist and serve and advance the Kingdom. 

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