Tuesday, August 21, 2018

God: "I've Got That Covered"

This was almost going to be titled "Yeah, But..." because that's basically what Moses keeps sputtering in Exodus 4 as he tries to convince Yahweh that he's not the guy that should be sent back to Egypt to free the enslaved Israelites.

And for every objection Moses comes up with, Yahweh has an answer.

vss 1-9
"They won't believe You sent me."
Do these miraculous signs.

vss 10-12
"I can't speak very well."
Who do you think created speech? I'll open your mouth and teach you what to say.

vss 13-17
"Send someone else."
Okay, I will. Take your brother Aaron with you!

Truth is...the reason I bring this up at all is so I can share with you a phrase from a footnote in the Amplified Bible, which the editors gleaned from John Henry Jowett's My Daily Meditation: "He who gives the command will also give the equipment."

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