Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Political Prayers

In the interest of not letting evil triumph by being a good person who does nothing, I have taken a few opportunities on Facebook recently to decry the state of American politics. I have expressed shock and disgust at the level of support Donald Trump’s campaign to become the Republican nominee for President has garnered. I have called out the childishness of Senators who refuse to do their Constitutional duty of vetting the President’s nominee for Supreme Court Justice.

More privately, I have been quite clear about my opinion of Hillary Clinton’s level of truth-bending and Senator Sanders’ morally-honorable but fiscally-shaky economic ideals.

It is time for me to stop griping about these folks and start praying for them instead...

Lord God, bring honor and glory to yourself by bringing about amazing changes.

Speak to Donald Trump. If he has ears to hear, let him hear the Holy Spirit whisper how The Art of the Deal is not a close second to the Bible in terms of being A Great Book. Convict him about paying lip-service to Christianity while demonstrating an allegiance to Pride and Vulgarity. Humble his heart by showing him your greatness.

Speak to Hillary Clinton. If she has ears to hear, let her hear the Holy Spirit whisper how there are more important things than being The First Woman President of the USA and that even if it was that important, the ends do not justify the means. Teach her that truth matters more than the advancement of her personal agenda. Humble her heart by showing her your greatness.

Speak to Bernie Sanders and Ted Kruz and Senator Mitch McConnell. If they have ears to hear, let them hear the Holy Spirit whisper how your love has motivated every great thing you’ve ever done on behalf of mankind. Not laws. Not power. Not one-upmanship. Show them that true revolution involves the changing of human hearts more than the changing of systems or house majorities. Humble their hearts by showing them your greatness.

Truth is...Father God, I need you to speak to me. If I have ears to hear, let me hear the Holy Spirit whisper how the world’s hope does not reside in Washington D.C. Heal me from my own Pride and Vulgarity and Deceit and Attempts To Control. Grant me wisdom. Humble my heart by showing me your greatness.

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