Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Great Big Stupid World

When our kids were very young, we discouraged them from using the word "stupid". We felt it was generally a disrespectful word, whether applied to a particular person (like a sibling, for instance) or someone's idea or question.

This restraint of free speech resulted in our kids falling in love with a particular song on Randy Stonehill's 1991 album, Wonderama. The title was "Great Big Stupid World". The delivery was definitely tongue-in-cheek, but the message was sadly true: we members of the human race can certainly get side-tracked by a lot of things that, in the long run, are practically worthless...if not indeed harmful...and at the very least, stupid-er-silly.

Truth is...there are a few typographical errors in the video, but the fact that I felt the need to appear flawlessly intelligent by letting you know I noticed is, in the long run, practically worthless...if not indeed harmful...or at the very least, stupid.

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