Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Smell the Color Nine

A perfect storm of thoughts converged in my head on the way to work this morning, and it all congealed into an emotion while listening to the song, Smell the Color Nine, by Chris Rice.

One thought: in an off-Blogger comment about a recent post where I stated, "I reserve the right to be wrong, but if I am, so what? What have I lost in this life if this life is all there is?", the person commenting was decidedly less-than-impressed that I had culminated my thoughts with "Pascal's wager."

Two thought: My comment actually had nothing to do with Pascal. I wasn't aware that he had said anything similar. And it certainly wasn't meant as a REASON for anyone to believe in Jesus; just my personal thought that my faith is not a detriment to life on Planet Earth, and if I'm correct, it's a great bonus for whatever is after that.

Red thought:  I am extremely less-well-read than the small circle of atheists/agnostics with which I sometimes converse. Their references to so-and-so's thesis and what's-his-name's counter-balancing communique most-generally go far over my head.

Blue thought: Sometimes it seems like these guys have turned their intellects into their personal objects of worship; that brain power is the only true power; that they can't understand the God of the Bible, and therefore refuse to accept...and while it is conversely true that I can't understand a lot of what they're trying to say, I can't imagine wanting to worship a god who I COULD understand and keep all neat and tidy in a box made of verifiable, quantitative explanations.

And now, the song in question:

Truth is...I don't have all the answers. Sometimes I don't even know the questions. But I know what satisfies my longing for purpose and meaning like nothing else can do. Facts alone have not brought me to this place, but they led me to within shouting distance. Maybe this is what's meant by a Leap of Faith.

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