Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The World According to Calvin (and Hobbes)

American cartoonist and recluse, Bill Watterson, has never given permission for Calvin & Hobbes to appear in anything other than printed form...newspapers, book-form collections of the strips, and most recently, the on-line publication by strip owners, Universal Press Syndicate. Even in the face of hundreds of offers to license his characters to be used on lunch boxes and pillowcases and posters and plush toys, he never "sold out".

All of that is to say two things:

1)  The following use of one of Watterson's C & H strips is completely unauthorized, but I'm hoping that the lack of any financial gain or loss on my part or the syndicate's part will preclude me from any serious repercussions.

2)  It's a fairly safe bet that Watterson himself has an attitude toward life that is in direct opposition to the one expressed by Calvin in these panels.

Truth is...there is no need for further commentary by me, right?

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