Tuesday, February 19, 2019

First Prayer

How do you pray if you've never prayed before? How do you figure out what to say?

Well...a person could do worse than singing the first song on side two of Randy Stonehill's Welcome to Paradise.


I've been waiting for a long long time
Hopin' You're a friend of mine
If there's one thing that I need to do
Well that's to find out more about You
I have been wondering all of my days
So if You're there show me the way

I see people in a world of lies
Staring out through lonely eyes
Watching as the years go by
Knowing they're living only to die
There must be something missing somewhere
So if You're listening answer this prayer

I will follow if You'll lead me
Help me make a stand
If You'll breathe new breath inside me
I'll believe You can
I'll believe You can

Well I never really learned to pray
But You know what I'm trying to say
I don't want my life to end 
Not ever knowing why it began
So if You'll trust me I'll do my best
And I'll be trusting You for the rest
©1976 King of Hearts Publishing

Truth is...(From Randy's liner notes for the 25th Anniversary CD) I wanted to explain that God isn't waiting for us to be good enough to come to Him. We don't need to be great orators and He doesn't require some exotic incantation to be recited. He just wants us to trust and obey  -  like a child would rely on a father. It dawned on me later in the recording studio that I had been subconsciously paraphrasing the very prayer I had prayed in Larry's kitchen on that special day back in June of 1970. At that crossroads moment, I remember saying to God, "I don't really believe in You but I believe in You enough that I'm talking to You. So, if You are real then come be real to me in a way I'll understand. I don't know why You'd care, but if You truly want me, I'm Yours."

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