Monday, November 19, 2018

The Big Ten In Simple Terms

Exodus 10:1-17 is where a person can find what we've come to call The Ten Commandments. Through several centuries, they've been respected as a good way to live your life, whether you particularly believe in God or not.

In an effort to get them off the page and into our lives, allow me to offer them in a more-understandable format than the traditional Thou Shalt Nots.

1.  I am your only God. Keep it that way.

2.  Accept no substitutes or representations. Why? Because not only am I "jealous" and do I inflict judgment (x4), but I am also abundantly merciful and loving (x1,000).

3.  Don't use my name lightly, frivolously, or in making false affirmations.

4.  Honor and trust me by resting one day a week. Keep that day set apart for my purposes in you.

5.  Treat your parents with all due obedience and courtesy.

6.  Don't murder.

7.  Don't cheat on your spouse  -  even if you aren't married yet.

8.  Don't take what isn't yours.

9. Don't tell lies about anyone.

10.  Don't jealously desire what someone else has.

Truth is...It really is as simple as that. And yet, even with just this short list, we still find ourselves in desperate need of a savior. This Thanksgiving, I choose to be thankful that Yahweh met that desperate need.

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