Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Steve Martin On Friendship

As part of the 2013 Oscars festivities, comedian-writer-actor-banjoist Steve Martin was given the honorary Governors Award in recognition of his decades-long body of work.

Tom Hanks presented the award, along with a fittingly humorous and complimentary speech, then turned the lectern over to the honoree himself.

As you would expect, Martin's acceptance speech was pretty funny (and you can enjoy all eight minutes of it by clicking below), but toward the end, he made a sincere declaration of one of the things he's most thankful for:

Working in the movies has also brought something  -  an amazing gift  -  that has accumulated through these decades of filmmaking that cannot be matched. Something wonderful and magical. And its impact on my life is profound: friends. Fascinating, funny, and lifelong. Many of them are here in this room tonight. So thank you, movies, and thank you, Academy, for this award and a glorious reminder of the true benefit that I have received.

Truth is...aside from the forgiving love of Jesus and my wife and children, there are few things in this life that I am anywhere NEAR as thankful for as for those fascinating, funny, and lifelong friends that I've been blessed to accumulate. 

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