Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Fill My Cup

Feeling empty?

Let's escape from the current political news and social chaos and rumor-mongering and turn to what has proven to be a source of comfort and hope to millions of people through the course of thousands of years...music.

And the particular piece of music I'd like to direct you to today is not just a song; it's also a prayer.

Well, if you've got six minutes to spare, let the message of this song, as recorded by Debbie Roth of Rest in Him Ministry, become your personal plea for refreshment.

Truth is...yes, that IS my wife and yes, I would love for you to arrange for her to sing and/or speak at your next ladies' retreat or fellowship event. However...it would give me even more joy to know that this little oasis of hope has made today's journey through the desert more bearable.

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