Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Holy Sweat Part Two: From the Mouths of Others

Previously in Truth Is..., I shared some stellar words from Tim Hansel's book, Holy Sweat. Now, the revelation that this book is not only full of good thoughts and catchy phrases from his own pen...Mr. H also does an excellent job of passing down quotable quotes from others.

  • Those who believe in God can never, in a way, be sure of Him again. Once they have seen Him in a stable, they can never be sure where He will appear or to what lengths He will go, to what ludicrous depths of self-humiliation He will descend in His wild pursuit of man. If holiness and the awful power and majesty of God were present in this least auspicious of all events, this birth of a peasant's child, then there is no place or time so lowly or earthbound but that holiness can be present there too. And this means that we are never safe, that there is no place that we can hide from God, no place where we are safe from His power to break in two and recreate the human heart because it is just where He seems most helpless that He is most strong, and just where we least expect Him that He comes most fully. (Frederick Buechner)
  • Even if you are on the right track, you will get run over if you just sit there. (Will Rogers)
  • He who has learned to laugh at himself shall never cease to be entertained. (John Powell)
  • God doesn't ask us to give till it hurts - he simply asks us to give it all. (Bill Milliken)

Truth is...with so much good stuff out there, I sometimes wonder why I write anything of my own at all.

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