Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Hagar the Holy?

When perusing the comics section of the newspaper, you probably don't expect to find a spiritually-significant revelation of truth...especially from the Dik Browne-created, Chris Browne-continued strip, Hagar the Horrible.

Prepare to have your expectations demolished.

Last Thursday...Thanksgiving Day, you will recall...our friendly, neighborhood viking, Hagar, found himself in dire straights: damaged ship, violent storm, tossed up on a barren rock.

And just like many of us, who find ourselves in similarly desperate situations...damaged marriage, violent health, tossed out by an employer...Hagar questions the way God is treating him.

Then the second panel kicks in with God's response, which aligns perfectly with how He could respond to each of us as well.

Truth is...while there's a lot of talk about God's grace and how we get so many blessings that we don't deserve, it wouldn't hurt to remember that God's mercy keeps us from receiving a lot of nastiness that we certainly DO deserve. 

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