Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Breathe Deep

The first time I heard the song, Breathe Deep, by the group, Lost Dogs, it was part of a "let's all sing this together" teen worship service, and I cried.  I didn't cry because it was sung badly, but because I was overwhelmed by its message of calling all people, no matter their background or current situation, to fully experience the presence of God. It just seemed like the perfect time to express a welcoming inclusion to "everybody everywhere".

Several years later, I was listening to the 1996 recording on my way to work...and it brought me to tears again.  The message is still powerful; still meaningful; still vital.

In the following video, I'm not sure what the videographer's thing with pigeons is all about...maybe a symbol for the Holy Spirit...but I like that it includes the printed lyric.

Truth is...I'll be a little sad if this song ever stops choking me up.

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